Scheduling Volunteers

In many of our churches, we are familiar with clipboards in the back of our churches to sign up for various things:  coffee hour, nursery helper, delivering meals to shut-ins.  It is commonly accepted that our churches function in a large part due to our wonderful volunteers.  Everyone has demanding schedules, sometimes we remember to sign up while at church, but more often we think about it when we return home and review our schedules for the week.  I have found a free on-line tool to use to help organize your volunteers. This may not replace your clipboards, but it is a way for individuals to look at opportunities to serve in your church.  I have used this application and found it works well.  Not only can it be accessed from any computer, but the program automatically sends out e-mail reminders to those who are scheduled as well as a weekly report to the administrator.  A paid version is also available, it allows for multiple administrators and a few other extras.  Give it a try and see if this tool helps your volunteers sign up and remember their times more easily. Click on the image to go to the VolunteerSpot homepage.

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