Meals for Friends

Recently, a dear friend was thrown from a horse and suffered a back injury.  Praises were given that the injury was not more severe, however, she would be immobilized for a period of time.  Stepping in to action, friends offered to make food for their family of four, (including two 6 ft plus teenage boys).  This wonderful woman touched many lives in many circles of people.  Worried she may get several meatloaf dinners on a single night, I offered to organize the meal assistance.  I logged on to  a website  that offers a free calendar to coordinate meals for someone in need.  I simply registered the families needs, including time for delivery and food preferences.  They I emailed the link out to family, a co-worker, the church secretary, and club members.  These individuals in turn passed on the link to other who wanted to help.  When they clicked on the link, a calendar comes up allowing them to see when a meal is needed, who else is delivering a meal, and   what they are taking.  Thankfully, my friend is healing as she should and will not need meals delivered for much longer.  Her family feels this has really been a blessing to them in their time of need.

Think about this option when there is a family or individual in your church that might benefit from some meal assistance.  Click on the logo below to check out this wonderful service.

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